Why you should pursue a diploma in cake baking and decoration in Kampala.

Cupcakes, cakes, breads, cookies, and pies are the common food types that we make through art of baking. acquiring the art of baking can take some good time and grand efforts, but it won’t be so difficult if you decide to learn a particular type of baking. If you are passionate about decorating, you can easily master it since its another important form of art.

And for those wanting to be experts in cake baking and decoration, this course will render you with the content you will need to master the art of cake baking and decoration. Lessons on pastry art,cake baking and decoration, are well designed with Classic Catering School Uganda to meet your needs. Certainly, it is a practical course that will teach you the skills, tricks and techniques to brand enticing and delicious cakes for business or at home.

The course is intended for which kind of people?

Diploma in cake baking and decoration at Classic catering school is intended mostly to the business oriented people who are in cake baking and decoration,those interested in starting up cake and related snack businesses and then people who just want to have the baking and decorating knowledge for their families and friend.

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Entry Requirement at Classic catering school:

  • S.6 Certificate/Certificate in catering.
  • Registration fee of Ushs 50,000

  • Uniform (found at school). 80,000

  • Chopping board Ushs 35,000

  • Chef’s knife (found at school). 35,000

  • Chef’s towel (found at school). 10,000

  • Laundry fee of USHs 30,000

  • School ID USHs 10,000

  • Three passport photos

  • Valid ID (Passport, national ID, driver’s license)

Diploma priorities. Any student is free to decide whether he / she will attend the classes in either GROUP LESSONS ( the group lesson includes 20 students per group) or INDIVIDUAL LESSONS ( one person in the class or any place of your own choice)


Classic catering school Uganda always assess students through practical tests and at the end of the session, we give practical exams to the students.


  • When you successfully pass the tests, you obtain an Accredited Certificate of Achievement.

Why choose Classic Catering School Uganda?

  • Inexpensive, engaging & high-quality study materials
  • Materials from the professional and Ugandas leading experts
  • Businesslike exam method for the monetary value and instant result
  • Classic catering was licensed by Higher Education Commission
  • Access to course content in a friendly way and on mobile, tablet or desktop
  • The benefit of career advancement opportunities
  • 24/7 student support .

Business Path

Diploma in cake Baking and Decorating course is a multipurpose qualification to dominate particularly to the people with businesses in:

  • Cake Decoration Business organization Owner
  • Cake Stylists
  • Cake Decorator
  • Baking Expert
  • Pastry Chef
  • Professional Cake Maker.
  • Confectionery Baker
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