What you should know about catering services in Kampala.

Catering is the trading of providing food services at a distant site or sites such as a park, hotel, hospital, aircraft ,pub, cruise ship, filming studio or site, entertainment site, or event venue. In Kampala, we have catering services such as Classic catering service which is the leading catering service in this Nation. We take excessive pride in contributing to top notch cookery, event catering and meal preparation solutions, along with a friendly, impeccable and reliable service that keeps clients coming back for more and more. Our main workplace / office are located in Kisaasi opposite Gaz petrol station. We spread our services to clients in Kampala and all places around Uganda. We are looking forward to serving to places beyond Uganda.


Why should you hire Classic Catering services?

  1. Comprehensive Catering Solutions
  2. Stretchy Payment Options
  3. Inexpensive Rates
  4. Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
  5. Polite and Professional Staff

We professionally provide catering services in ceremonies like kwanjula ( kuhingira), wedding parties, birthday parties, baby showers, confirmation parties, etc. we give the best catering services you could ever imagine, and this is due to the polite and caring profession staffs we are having. So many of our clients have observed our duties and they have brought many others also to get the quality catering services.


Let us know your occasion catering needs. Classic Catering Services exists to make your next event more memorable and outstanding. Call and inform us your event catering and meal planning needs with our staff. Our office is open from Monday to Sunday and we provide services for 7 days in a week for your expediency. If you desire to learn more about these services, you can browse through our website. We are looking forward to serving you!

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