The cake decoration here tells a lot. Either it was made by the man’s ex or the bride didn’t like her sister in-law. Pause, it’s just your mind but the other lady on the cake could be the man’s sister. Ride along in the Golden 50 anniversary .Finally, you can use this wedding cake decoration to tell the age of the bride and groom. I mean, who knows about Super Mario and never watched Superman, Renagade and McGyver? One bit though about the Pacman design, there is no escape for the hero up on the icing.

This article wasn’t meant to be serious but to show you how good cake decorations can tell a story so easily. It was more of a pumpkin-ish idea that was really nuts. For the real articles on real wedding cakes in Uganda, please consider these: Join the Classic Catering School Uganda today to learn how to make edible designs for any celebration.

A special sister of mine, (Lets call her Pumpkin), just had her wedding. I imagined all the ideas she could choose to put on her wedding cake given her huge experience in lots of fields. You see, adding a unique touch to anything will obviously make a great difference in the end. Take for example a wedding where you find the wedding cake that looks just like a loaf of bread or this cake has “a gun welding couple” as top decoration or a hi-5 sharing. Any tiny details that speak to the difference of the couple may be a great idea to making them a unique wedding cake.  Disclaimer: The following wedding cake decorations are not the best idea or recommended designs.

They are also not the wedding cake of Pumpkin. But the art with the cake baking and decoration they teach at the Classic Catering School Uganda, you may love to try this at home, (not at your friend’s wedding OFCOURSE! The gun sizes seem centuries apart though “I’m at war, fighting for the one that I love…”, lyrics from some supposedly love song. Well, this wedding cake leaves nothing to imagination about war. Guns out, bride and groom at the poles. Just imagining if the cake decoration could include the gunshots themselves…(that feel of expendables) and some smoke from the guns. Everyone was invited I love this just for the fact that it almost puts everyone to the party.

A wedding cake decoration that includes the parents, flower girls, pastors, friends and passersby all into consideration. Serving this should be easy coz “everyone eats themselves”, ha-ha pumpkin idea. “Jealous bride keeps husband till 50, May the groom bite the bride.


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