Today, we are having a little hint of the baby shower history and the shape of the cake. The slogan “Baby shower” is quite new, but the idea has been existing for decades. Baby showers originated in ancient eras. This celebration was done to welcome a new baby first by the Greece, Romans, and the Egyptians. Here they isolated a pregnant woman before and after birth. After birth, they had to purify her and then welcome her back in the society with the party and gifts. In the middle ages, a special tray was used to carry food to the mother to ensure her good fortune in the period of child birth.

Then the Victorian era, in this period, the word pregnancy was strictly a was not used, but when the mother gave birth, people got hearty and enthusiastic. Special tea was given and the baby was given gifts. That’s how they celebrated the baby shower and their celebration is quit different from day to date baby shower celebrations.

Baby shower today is seriously trending. Some people take baby shower as a gorgeous way of rejoicing the pregnancy and others take baby shower as a way of getting gifts. Let’s also look at the 4 major importances of baby showers in Uganda.

So many important people including the family members and the friends will desperately want to welcome the baby in to this world. Giving them a start by calling them for the baby shower celebration will make you feel more for your unborn baby and also people pray to God to bless the baby.

It is your shower, therefore you choose / decide on how it will be like, whether you are to hire Classic Catering Services, getting your friends to plan some entertainingly entertaining baby shower games, that’s if you like. It’s your baby shower party, you can throw your dream party, no one will complain.

Photos. It isn’t so easy to get sweet pregnancy photos. You have perhaps spent most of the pregnancy consuming ice-cream at the same time wearing yoga pants and crying because the skin is is not exactly photo shoot material. But at the shower, you will wear a nice dress; spend some time getting ready as you will also be surrounded by the loved ones, who will also use their cameras.

Presents. People tend to give different kinda presents, but if you are not a present kind, you can ask visitors to bring copies of their favorite babybook. And if you love presents, welcome all of them.

The last one is a cake. There different cake designs. It’s your choice to choose a cake design. Classic Catering School Uganda is there for any design you might feel like.
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