The cooking school Uganda- Classic Catering School

The cooking school Uganda- Classic Catering School

Health cooking tips with Classic Catering School Uganda.

These health tips are for all, the old, the middle age and the young. When cooking or preparing the meals, this is what you need to follow to make health and hygiene meals. They must be followed whether cooking , baking or serving food.


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You have to wash your hands first with soap to ensure that you don’t contaminate our gadgets and the ingredients.

Gather all the items / gadgets you are to use when arranging for cooking, and baking, such as the saucepans,dishes, water, knives, the slicers, containers etc.

gather the ingredients / remedies required in the process of cooking or baking.( the remedies could be the onions, green pepper, tomatoes, oil, baking powder,black pepper, red pepper, banana leaves,

the carrots, salt, sugar, milk, and so many other ingredients.

Cut all the needed ingredients with the right measurements to make delicious and quality meals.

Wear the fire protecting gloves, light the gas and start cooking.

Follow the steps of mixing ingredients when cooking and and also the time must be kept.

You must not use too much fire when cooking, and

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don’t forget to test before serving.

Lastly, serve the meal.

In conclusion, this article is open to those who would like add information, but your information will be seen through first and then get posted.

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