The Catering Services in Uganda.

Excellent catering is much needed in celebrating and parting we do in our beautiful life. For all types of parties you would like and plan for, could be graduation party, wedding party, kwanjula party, baby shower party, kuhingira party, birthday parties, national parties and many others, these catering services in Uganda are their to do the magic for you. I am introducing you to the leading catering services around Uganda our country. WHY? It is because hiring a catering service to your part eases your preparation leading to timely and smooth service delivery. Each company charges differently but with quality services. Therefore, the leading catering services in Uganda are:

Classic catering institute.

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Classic catering institute. This is a cake baking, cooking and catering school situated in Kisaasi opposite Gaz petrol station just after northern bypass round about. Classic catering school Uganda offers catering services for all parties, cooking lessons, catering lessons, cake baking lessons, pastry lessons, cake decoration lessons, at an affordable price with hand on practicals which helps them to produce full baked learners. Under catering, services offered are beverage services, food production, camp management, outside catering, etc. international and local foods are both prepared once you make your

order. They are so kind, welcoming, time keeping, God fearing,inexpensive and flexible. The customer is our boss.

For details, call us +256 701 774874 or visit our website

Mama’s meals catering. This is a catering company located in Nakulabye. They deal in outside catering services making both local dishes and international dishes to all types of parties. They provide services to all places with kind chefs at affordable costs.

For details, call us on +256 701 774874.

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JRC catering solutions. This is another grate catering company dealing in providing both international and local foods, beverages, tents, chairs decoration and so many others. They are good at time keep, affordable prices, flexible, with a goal of making their clients happy. They are found in Nsangi. They are really good,try them.

For more details, call us on +256 701 774874.

Grace’s catering company. They are found at Busunju. They offer all sorts of catering services you might need. They pressure their customers hence treating them softly and gently. They have affordable costs making it easy for everyone to employ them. They are flexible and good at managing the time. For them, a customer is the boss. They reach all places in Uganda.

For details, call us on +256 701 774874

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