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A wedding cakes designer (in Uganda) is kind of like the clients’ guide through the process of selecting their wedding cake and having it done to their expectations. In the end, it is a clients’ day and it should run, feel, and look the way they choose it to. Our job is to walk you through the process of coming up with selection of the wedding cake for your reception on your big day.
We will guide you through out the whole selection process and we will complete most of the tasks for you. (carry the load for the best of your wedding ceremony).

We are experts, and we shall guide you through the responsibility of coming up with the best selection that will make your wedding party a very wonderful and very colorful one.

As a leading cakes providers in the country;

We make sure that we deliver absolutely the best cake designs and flavors for our customers’. Definitely what is to their expectations.
You shall be regularly consulted and we shall get take your final word on matters concerning all cake selection process. such as flavor selection, design of the cake, price of the cake to mention but a few.
We will also coordinate the food, beverages and innumerable other details but all with your approval.
We will share a list of all flavors and designs with our client. And we shall also keep track of dates so as to have the wedding cake ready as soon as possible.

Guests are much eager for 2 things at wedding receptions. That is to say, cake at the wedding party and the bride among other factors. We constantly make mind blowing and incredible cake designs for our clients’ wedding receptions.

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Best Wedding Cakes in Uganda

Best Wedding Cakes in Uganda – Where to Find the perfect cake for your wedding!

Best wedding Cakes plan in Kampala is the only way to ensure that you have the best wedding cakes on your big special days. Why hustle when classic is available? We at Catering Uganda have passion in delivering only the best wedding cakes in Uganda for your wedding parties. Our focus on customer’s expectations together as a team. We therefore ensure that we bring out the best in what we do.

Wedding Cakes bring a lot of excitement, more especially when the groom and bride are marrying for the right reasons. People don’t seem to get enough of Cakes on any given occasion, therefore a good choice of a cake is prior for any occasion. Wedding cakes come in a variety of designs, flavors, sizes and among other various options. However, the remaining question is “What one should think about before selecting the perfect cake for his/ her special day?” We consider these at Classic Catering Uganda but, here are some of the few things you need to think about too.


Your choice of creativity may be entirely based on personal preference but you shouldn’t be worried. We will help you through the process by offering the best recommendations and suggestions from our professional chefs.
A wedding cake looks so much stunning when polished with a firm sugar icing and most people adore this so much. The firm sugar icing is unique in that it allows for the addition of other well-defined design elements with ease. The firm sugar icing in its uniqueness allows for the addition of other well-defined design elements with ease which make the wedding cake much more colorful, adorable and also eye catching.


The Price of our cakes are very pocket friendly, delicious and also eye catching. Wedding cakes are more than just simple pastry.
Because of these, the flavor of wedding cakes is one of the most essential things to consider when placing your order for a wedding cake. Choosing a specific flavor is yet another way to make your wedding more glamorous and a true reflection of your personality, so pick a unique flavor that is absolutely appetizing! It is in the distinct flavor of a cake that increases its appetizing taste. A more distinctive flavour calls for more money though.

Quality wedding cakes in Uganda do exist according to Classic Catering Uganda.
Just worry no more, relax and have a nice feeling. Please contact Classic Catering Uganda for your quality wedding cakes in Kampala and other parts of Uganda.