Pastry and Bakery is one of the fastest growing industries in Uganda that one should hope to venture in. But it requires some level of knowledge acquired from school before wholly joining the industry.


In Uganda, the Pastry and Bakery course runs for 2 years, and the students get equipped with pastry knowhow and skills. After completion of the course they can acquire jobs as bakers at hotels, bakeries and become pastry chefs or they can also start up their own companies.

This course avails in-depth theoretical and practical skills and competencies in addition to hands-on technique to the everyday pastries operations. At the completion of the course, students are exposed to industrial training for atleast three months.


In most cases, candidate must have attained atleast 4 passes at O’ level and English is a must.

All applicants must have:

  • An ID card of the former school/institution
  • Photocopies of the certificates/testimonials
  • Three very recent clear passport photographs
  • Birth Certificate

Note! Applicant must carry original copies of all the required documents during interviews.

Once admitted to a Pastry and Bakery school, a student should carry the following when reporting:

  • Registration fee as specified by the institution
  • Uniform (in most cases found at school)
  • Chopping board
  • Chef’s towel (usually found at school)
  • Chef’s knife (in most cases found at school)
  • Laundry fee as stated by the institution
  • Three recent clear passport photos
  • School ID fee
  • Valid National ID (Passport, or driver’s license)

Diploma priorities:

Student are free to decide whether they will attend the lessons in either GROUPS (group classes comprise around 20 students) or INDIVIDUALLY ( A single student in the class or any other preferred place)


Most catering schools in Uganda always assess their students through practical and theoretical tests and at the end of the semester, exams are given to the students.

You are welcome to apply and enroll for the Pastry and Bakery course at Classic Catering School Uganda!