In this article, I’ll walk you through the various foods in Lunch Cooking in Uganda. As well as traditional Ugandan sauces, desserts, and seasonal delicacies.

  • Matooke (Steamed Mashed Bananas)

Matooke is a very popular Ugandan dish and a preferred delicacy for most tribes in the Central and Western regions. In Uganda, one can find acres and acres of lush plantations of matooke. Mostly in the Western and Central region (mostly Masaka).

Matooke is grown from such large farms and sent to the city dwellers in very large amounts on loaded tracks. The matooke plantains are in most cases prepared by peeling and steaming while covered with the large matooke leaves, then mashed and served hot with a sauce of one’s choice. Matooke can also be fried with tomatoes and onions to make katogo.

Most Ugandans enjoy the green, unripe ones while still unpeeled (Empogola), which are steamed wholly and feasted on in the evenings or for lunch with bacon, muchomo, or some grilled beef or goat’s meat. It’s hard to talk about cooking in Uganda and you don’t mention matooke

  • Chicken-Nut Sauce

Chicken-nut is an uncommon Ugandan delicacy that one should surely have to taste if they want a heartfelt and delicious Ugandan food meal. This can mostly be found in high-class restaurants since it is a bit costly for the common people to indulge.

This recipe is prepared by frying onions, chicken stock, chicken pieces, different spices as preferred, and peanut buttercream in a stew pot. After cooking, chicken-nut is usually eaten with rice, matooke, or posho (Ugali) which gives a feeling of uttermost satisfaction.

Cooking in Uganda The Luwombo Stew:

  • Chicken Luwombo

This is a royal delicacy that was innovated in the late nineteenth century for the Buganda Kingdom’s royal family. The Chicken luwombo, one of Uganda’s finest and most delicious dishes, was created by Kabaka (King) Mwanga’s chief cook. Kudos to this chef for introducing such an awesome delicacy that has brought pleasure and happiness to the current generation and many more generations to come in the future.

Chicken Luwombo is now mostly served on traditional Ugandan ceremonies, and without it, a ceremony connot go on well and counted as successful. Chicken luwombo is usually consumed with most Ugandan foods such as rice, matooke, sweet potatoes, cassava, or chapatti.

  • Beef Luwombo

Just like the chicken luwombo, this dish also originated from the Buganda Kingdom in the early days. It’s also prepared by steaming in soft, warmed banana leaves. The contents include beef, tomatoes, onions, carrots, green pepper, garlic, and Irish potatoes which is optional. You can add spices for flavor and taste as preferred, and it is also served with local Ugandan foods such as matooke, rice, cassava, sweet potatoes, or chapatti.

  • G-nut Sauce Luwombo

There’s a common paste in Uganda referred to as the g-nut sauce. This gives many Ugandan delicacies their exquisite, vibrant, and unique leisurely flavor. G-nut sauce is a thick creamy sauce of sweet red g-nuts, and it can be used to complement dishes like roasted fish or it is sometimes eaten with local Ugandan food such as steamed sweet potatoes and matooke (boiled or steamed mashed bananas).

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