Cooking Classes in Kampala

Classic Catering Uganda is here to give the best cooking classes in Kampala and Uganda in General.

If you got love for the tantalizing aroma of baked chicken during lunch breaks at work or while at home! Then enroll now for a cooking course at The Classic Catering Uganda to get skills and learn to make those and more of those recipes.
We dedicate all to provide the highest level in the cooking sector. We equip you with the most and highest levels of cooking and hospitality education through our world class programs. We give students skills that increase their experience through hands on learning.
Sign up now with the Classic Catering Uganda for the best and learn more and more tasty recipes not to mention but a few including local dishes, foreign dishes, preparing salads, sauce and also inter continental dishes among others.

Preparing Good food is also making ones mood good, most definitely the person that eats that food.

Sharing the secrets in cooking with our students is what we do because it helps traditional cooking techniques live on and on. Cooking is a great gift that can be given to loved ones. That is the reason we at Classic Catering Uganda offer to teach the best cooking recipes and pass the down to generations.
No single person is born with any cooking skills. We teach you how to make the best recipes and get you cooking like a pro chef.
Come and acquire basic knowledge by enrolling for a cooking course at Classic Catering Uganda. We shall sharpen and enhance your cooking skill with the very best chefs in town. We at Classic Catering Uganda shall nurture your love and passion for cooking.
Classic Catering Uganda is the best option for your cooking lessons in Kampala and also country wide.

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food prepared by students

Cooking Courses requirements-Classic Catering Uganda

While thinking of joining a culinary school to further your cooking career, think no further than Classic catering Uganda. If your passion is in cooking, then this is the right lace to be.
We are a school that offers various cooking courses. Come and enroll now for absolutely the best and most ethical cooking skills ever. We value our students decision of joining cooking as a career and that is the reason we equip them with the very best among the rest.
Enhance your cooking skills in preparing all types of dishes that is to say local dishes, international dishes, continental dishes among others.
Come and enroll now and get taught by professional chefs that have experience.

Some of the requirements you will need to join cooking courses in Uganda:

Applications fee – 50,000 Ugx only for the desired course of your choice.
We sell School uniforms at the school.
Chefs’ knife, chefs’ towel and Chopping boards
3 passport size photographs of student
Valid Identity Card (Either National ID, Driver’s license, Passport among others)
Relevant Academic documents and also relevant supporting documents too.
Time for studying is very flexible.

Our cooking courses in Uganda do not only prepare you for your professional job in any of the restaurants, hotels, airlines, cruises as a chef but also enhance and equips you with very relevant professional skills that you can use while at home for the best cooking experience. The skills you will acquire through the desired course you will have enrolled for will take you to many places.

Some of what you are expected to learn includes;

Making delicious soup, preparing salads and sauce.
Best meat preparation techniques
Making international cuisines
Among other relevant skills which include etiquette from the best chefs in and around town.

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Admissions for cooking lessons in Kampala

Do you have Love for What You Do! Enroll now for cooking lessons in Kampala


We offer the best cooking lessons in Kampala and Uganda as a whole country.

Come and enroll with us now and have a good experience with professional chefs.
Our students spend their first semester getting familiar with the basic fundamental cooking skills. They hereafter work as internees at camps, hotels, restaurants among other related service providers.
We teach our students about innovative and creative cooking schools, completing their and enhancing. We invite students from Uganda and across the world to come and have an experience with our professional chefs. The chefs are readily willing to enhance students with the best skills in the industry.
We value each and everyone’s money, we therefore offer the best catering services in Kampala and the country Uganda at large.

The Principal techniques that are taught in these cooking schools in Uganda include;

Classic cooking methods with preparation of vegetables, meat, fish and several other dishes.
Making of traditional dishes, sauces and soups.
Bakery and pastry with cakes and puddings, wholesome breads and sweet buns among others.
Very Creative food presentation with usage of edible flowers and fresh herbs.
Menu-planning and food costing
Storage, freezing, nutrition, hygiene, sanitation and safety
IT, English and math

School requirements

Application fee of 50,000 Uganda shillings only for all courses.
School uniforms are sold at the school.
Chopping boards, chefs’ knife and chefs’ towel
3 passport size photographs
Valid Identity Card (National ID, Passport, Driver’s license among others)
Necessary academic documents and all relevant supporting documents too.

You can apply online or physically visit our offices in Kisaasi opposite GAZ petrol station.

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Cooking Instructors.

Enroll for cooking lessons in Kampala

Quality Cooking lessons in Kampala!

Thinking of joining cooking lessons in Kampala? Have you been complimented on your cooking skills more than just once, do you love cooking? Does your passion lie in providing high-quality and healthy meals to your friends and family? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you need to seriously consider joining Culinary Arts as a career path. You may have wondered whether your skills would be useful to the Ugandan market; Yes, they will and joining Classic Catering Uganda should be your number one option since it is one of the best cooking lessons in Kampala.

Skill Development.

Developing a skill in Culinary Arts is not a simple task but by enrolling for cooking lessons at Classic Catering Uganda, it’ll be the best career decision you’ve ever made. As much as you may be talented in this art, you still need to acquire and practice skills in cleanliness, business awareness, organization and many others which will work to ensure that you are successful in the food industry which some among other cooking lessons in Kampala don’t train their students except at Classic Catering Uganda. These and other more courses in Culinary Arts will help you to achieve such skills and put them to practice;

Classic Catering Uganda is well known for its effective expertise in training in the hospitality and tourism industry. The college, which is owned by a Ugandan Entrepreneur, prides itself in offering the following to its students:

  • Learn to make both local and international dishes.
  • Internships at high-class sister hotels.
  • Training in a hotel environment, and also lucrative externships.

Classic catering Uganda should be your number one priority because it is among the best in the cooking industry.

Look no further if you are looking for cooking lessons in Kampala.  Click here to enroll now.


Best Wedding Cakes in Uganda

Best Wedding Cakes in Uganda – Where to Find the perfect cake for your wedding!

Best wedding Cakes plan in Kampala is the only way to ensure that you have the best wedding cakes on your big special days. Why hustle when classic is available? We at Catering Uganda have passion in delivering only the best wedding cakes in Uganda for your wedding parties. Our focus on customer’s expectations together as a team. We therefore ensure that we bring out the best in what we do.

Wedding Cakes bring a lot of excitement, more especially when the groom and bride are marrying for the right reasons. People don’t seem to get enough of Cakes on any given occasion, therefore a good choice of a cake is prior for any occasion. Wedding cakes come in a variety of designs, flavors, sizes and among other various options. However, the remaining question is “What one should think about before selecting the perfect cake for his/ her special day?” We consider these at Classic Catering Uganda but, here are some of the few things you need to think about too.


Your choice of creativity may be entirely based on personal preference but you shouldn’t be worried. We will help you through the process by offering the best recommendations and suggestions from our professional chefs.
A wedding cake looks so much stunning when polished with a firm sugar icing and most people adore this so much. The firm sugar icing is unique in that it allows for the addition of other well-defined design elements with ease. The firm sugar icing in its uniqueness allows for the addition of other well-defined design elements with ease which make the wedding cake much more colorful, adorable and also eye catching.


The Price of our cakes are very pocket friendly, delicious and also eye catching. Wedding cakes are more than just simple pastry.
Because of these, the flavor of wedding cakes is one of the most essential things to consider when placing your order for a wedding cake. Choosing a specific flavor is yet another way to make your wedding more glamorous and a true reflection of your personality, so pick a unique flavor that is absolutely appetizing! It is in the distinct flavor of a cake that increases its appetizing taste. A more distinctive flavour calls for more money though.

Quality wedding cakes in Uganda do exist according to Classic Catering Uganda.
Just worry no more, relax and have a nice feeling. Please contact Classic Catering Uganda for your quality wedding cakes in Kampala and other parts of Uganda.