Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend Cooking Classes In Uganda.

Cooking offers an excessive sense of success, self-confidence, and skill/ experience. Cooking still opens up the kids door for strong food choices and resourceful dishes. For kids, cooking may be like a difficult work, however with the right direction they can learn the necessary skills needed to tackle a recipe in the kitchen. Cooking classes give kids an opportunity to not only expand their food language but also increase independence and confidence.

Classic Catering is cooking a school that provides children and adults in Kampala and the entire Uganda with the opportunity to study and improve their skill in the kitchen. Through the course, children acquire basic kitchen skills that help them make bigger cooking projects. To certify proper instruction, every class tailors to a specific age group. These classes are fun way for kids to adopt  new hobbies, new friends, and learn unique talent.


Organic Materials. At Classic Catering School, we care for the importance of healthy foodstuffs. Each single meal of our dishes consists of organic ingredients free from hormones, pesticides, and artificial fertilizers. Therefore, your child enjoys the delicious meal as he / she learn also the benefits of the foods.


Tradition Food Supplies. Does your child need vegetarian meals or some specific type of diet? Classic catering institute can cater to your child’s dietetic desires. Our recipes are totally customizable, which means we can adjust, omit, and design the entire meal to fit your desires. We labor with you to make sure that what your child is taking is fully safe for her or him.

Birthdays. Birthday gatherings are something many kids look forward to getting, so why don’t you make your baby’s birthday unforgettable with Classic Catering School Uganda. We accommodate to all sizes, groups and

Little girl in a chef costume.

help taking away the stress out of starting up your child’s birthday. We help your child make a modified birthday cake completely from scratch if you choose to celebrate with us.

Made From Zero. All our bowls are made completely from zero. Here at Classic Catering School, we waif away from untreated, unnatural foods and we endorse the value of nutritious eating. Making dishes from nothing teaches the kids different ways to prepare their meals.

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