Classic Outside Catering In Uganda

The Team

The Classic Catering Company has a dedicated group of passionate professionals, totally dedicated to making your event or wedding extraordinarily memorable and enjoyable one. We have got more experience with working with different companies and remarkable properties both in Uganda and out of the country. This, combined with our desire for food,‘ll let you to

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only sit back and relish your wedding or event. We live to produce the perfect day by using completely qualified staff, each one of which has been prepared by the Classic Catering on-site managing team on every detail of the event. Each client is treated individually and they are given absolute attention to the details.

Corporate and Secretive catering

From concert balls to decent events, cabinet

lunch to VIP functions, special incident parties, barbecues or christenings, Classic Catering has the experience to cater for every event and any one. The Classic Catering dedicated team can implement your brief in an innovative and professional way, ensuring that your event is superbly enjoyable and memorable.


We apprehend that this is the greatest important time of your life. The Classic catering professional team is completely dedicated to making your day superbly enjoyable and memorable. The company ethos is to deliver clients with the superlative food and service possible, whether the actual style of the event is casual and simple or impressive, styled and so formal.

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The Food

Our tactic to food is fresh, knowledgeable and innovative. We believe in producing great food. We know that the only way to ensure the very maximum standard is to produce all the food by ourselves. We have the equipment’s to make our own cakes and dessert, bread and a team of professional and skilled chefs to prepare our spicy food.

We mostly use free range, quality and organic assured produce, native beef kinds and artisan producers.


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