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My first day looking for a cooking school in Uganda

Cooking schools in Uganda are not hard to find but they can be hard when you don’t know where to look. Here is my example. I had a friend who had finished senior four and she needed a school where to get baking lessons, catering lessons and she had little money to start the cooking classes. See, when you are in vacation and need to have cooking classes in Kampala, you have to check with several culinary schools in the city.

Beginning the search for a cooking school

So I decide to help my friend (lets call her Samantha) to get practical cooking lessons. She was very serious about the “practical” part since most cooking schools in Uganda also have a lot of theory cooking lessons. She told me she needed a place where to learn several cookery skills, baking, pastry, cuisines, and in the end she wanted to be able to provide catering services on her own to her clients. At first, I walked around Kisaasi and found many schools but later I’ll write about why I preferred Classic Catering Uganda.

Why looking for baking schools in Kampala is easier

Most baking schools in Kampala have signposts so it easy to tell if they teach cake baking, decoration or they only sell wedding cakes. The challenge is that many bakery schools in Uganda don’t mention what they teach immediately so you have to go to the office of the cooking school administrators to find out more

What skills do you gain from cooking classes in Uganda?

The cooking schools you get from cooking institutions in Uganda differ by location. The skills that are most common in most cooking schools I visited include:

1 – Cake decoration

2 – Cake baking and pastry

3 – Traditional and international foods

4 – Catering and preparation for ceremonies

How I ended up finding Classic catering Uganda

Classic catering Uganda wasn’t so hard to find. First of all they a website – www.classiccateringuganda.com but also, chef James, who is the founder of this cooking school in Kisaasi is a friendly person and common in the community of chefs and heads of cooking schools in Uganda. So I searched twice, first for cooking schools in Uganda and later I googled for cooking lessons in Kampala and still I was able to get classic catering and called them on their phone number (0701774874)

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