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List of outstanding cooking schools in Uganda.

List of outstanding cooking schools in Uganda.

What makes Uganda a pearl of Africa?, is it the mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, or the forests. Or its the fauna and the floras?. For me, I think the combination of all the beautiful things that Uganda poses, the way we use them and the brains of the people who work hard to add on its development. Such people include the professional chefs. They have established fantastic and outstanding cooking schools in Uganda which has positively developed both the people and the country at large. Below is the list of outstanding cooking schools in Uganda.

1. Classic catering school Uganda. This is one of the most out standing cooking school in Uganda. It provides practical lessons, cares for its students, doesn’t output half baked students, always their for its students. They offer diplomas, certificates and junior certificates in catering, cake baking, cake decoration, cooking, pastries,and so many more activities. For those interested, you can call 0701314352.

2. Jimmy Ssekasi institute, this institute is among the best catering institutes in Uganda. They offer diplomas and certificate in cooking and catering services. For those interested, you can call 0701314352.

3. Cooking school Uganda. This is also another cooking school in Uganda that offers diplomas and certificates in cooking and catering. They offer great catering services at all kinds of functions, all around in Uganda. They are located at Ntinda Kisaasi. You can contact them on 0701314352.

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