Learn Cooking In Uganda

Cooking is the art, science, craft and technology of preparing food for consumption. The cooking methods and ingredients differ widely crosswise the world. From the grilling food all over an open fire to electric stoves, baking in different types of ovens. This reflects unique cultural traditions, economic and environmental trends. The ways of cooking also depend on the skills and training an individual cook has.

Cooking / cookery is done by both people in their own habitation and by chefs in restaurants, professional cooks and other food organization. Cooking can happen in many different ways such as cooking with firewood, cooking on charcoal stove, cooking on electric stoves to mention but a few.

Setting food with fire or heat is a unique human activity which may have outset around two million years ago. But today, various cooking schools have been established in Uganda. Such cooking schools include Classic catering school Uganda, situated in Kisaasi opposite Gaz petrol station. Cooking lessons are offer to all kinds of people who are passionate about cooking, those who want to do business and those who want to cook delicious and elegant food.


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In cooking lessons, you will learn how to mix ingredients, when to put the ingredients, what ingredients to use, how much fire or heat to be used,how to put food on plate, to mention but a few. Classic catering school Uganda trains students with all the concept needed in cooking and we make sure that by the time our students graduate,they are the best everywhere they go.

Cooking is not only putting food in the sauce pan and then to the charcoal stove or electric stove, but it includes the mixing of spices, spice measurements, the flavors added, and how to decorate it when serving. You can learn all these by registering at classic catering school Uganda campus or register online.

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