Baking Schools in Uganda – Land of Party and Cakes!

Baking is one of the first lessons in one of the  Baking schools in Uganda.The art of baking in Uganda remains a fundamental skill and it is important for nutrition as baked goods especially cakes are common and important edibles both from an economic and cultural point of view. In my own out take, I believe the most common baked item is cake but many other types of edibles are baked too.

My Cake Days!

It is everyone’s joy to be surprised at their birthdays perhaps with a great fine decorated cake or a perfect gift. As for me, my cake Days were not so fun as they seemed. I found cake those days too sweet and actually a single bite of it was quite enough to kill my appetite for it. And this kept me wondering whether it was the too much sugar they put that caused the excess sweetness or the ingredients, I really couldn’t figure it out. But I Surely thought of joining a Baking school in Uganda.

Why I disliked cakes those days

Like I said, cakes those days were too sweet to want more bites. This made me hate them every time we had a party or a casual ceremony at home. Another thing that made me dislike cake, was its texture. Unlike the moist cakes of nowadays cake those times was so dry like a hickey puck.

Ugandans and Parties!

Well as Ugandans, every year is filled with a variety of festivals and ritual celebrations, including marriages you can them” introductions”, weddings, birthdays, christenings and other events. And I believe that on such events a cake is infallible. Someone can fail to have enough chairs on their birthdays but have a big fine cake just to have an ideal Birthday! Cake plays a big role in creating an outstanding picture especially on an important event such a wedding ceremony.

Baking lessons!

You could aim at pleasing or serving as many people as possible by offering a wide selection of baked cakes. Well, the baking lessons we get from banking schools in Uganda are as follows;
Each ingredient has a job to do. Every ingredient has its purpose and should be used for a particular cause.

Little things make a big difference. If you want your cake to have a smooth look, you have to use the right tools. Tools like cake cutter, offset spatulas and cake scrapers rather than a simple knife.

Sometimes one needs to ask for help. If you want the best out come you have to ask for help sometimes.

Patience pains but gains. Never rush things, always take baby steps and patience when baking and if you get these things right, do them consistently you will have a solid foundation and your work will only get better.

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