” i don’t like Cake that much” Just before i met Classic Catering Uganda!

I am one of a few people that never liked cakes that much. People actually kept worrying if I were to turn away dessert. However, all those thoughts changed on Rita’s birthday. Yes, I remember that exact day I tried this cake. The moment I bit into that piece of cake, my whole perception of cake changed. And until today, it is the only cake I find truly made for me  and so I wanted to try making my own. Here’s  how I met Classic Catering team Uganda;

Search for that Baking School

Well, I asked Rita who made her delicious Pastry and she didn’t hesitate to connect to such wonderful people. And guess what they gave me their card and told me if am interested I can come for the Baking lessons at their headquarters in Kisaasi. So I went a head and gave them a call and asked the fee for a short term Cooking and Baking classes, guess what the tuition was so friendly in that I enrolled the following week.

My first day at Classic Catering Uganda

We were all Starters at point in our lives but that never stopped our need to learn new things and ideas. At Classic Catering Uganda, l learnt so many recipes including that lemon recipe that got me interested in making my own  and I want to share the recipe right here.

Recipe of a spectacular lemon Cake!

4 eggs

Lemon Cake pudding

3/4 cup of buttermilk

1/4 lemon juice

1/4 cup of vegetable Oil

With these, you can have your delicious cake well baked!

Never say never. Sometimes you only need to find something unique to change your entire perception about what you don’t seem to like. Just like me, I had never had the chance to make this delicious cakes that I now love to make.

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