Diploma/Professional Cookery & Baking Classes in Uganda.

Register for the July and August intake. Registration has become easier, you can now register online. You can visit us in our new premises found in Ntinda-Kisasi opposite Gaz petrol station. Call/whatsup 0701774874 for more details.

Learn from the best, come register for the Professional Cookery and Baking. Register while slots are still available. We have trained chefs ready to walk you through everything you have to know, below are the details of the you will be covering. Book a slot today.

Diploma course Requirements (Students Requirements)

Three passport photos.

Identification (Passport, national ID, drivers’ license).

Chefs’ knife (found at school). 25,000

Chefs’ towel (found at school). 10,000

Uniform (found at school). 65,000

Registration fee of 50,000

Landry fee of 20,000

Chefs Chopping Board (found at school) of 20,000

NB; Minimum requirements for our entrees for the diploma course. S.6 Certificate. Certificate in Catering. Duration Four terms 1,000,000 UGX payable per term, Study time: 9am -12am. Study days: Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

S.4 Certificate. (Certificate in catering).

Duration 16 months of semester 4 months fees payable 1,000,000.

Study time: 9am – 12am

Study days: Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

HOLIDAY TIME SPENT WELL. James and kids had a wonderful time, a lot was learnt, shared and eaten! No droughts but we had a blast at The Classic Catering School Uganda. We baked and cooked everything we laid our hands on in the Kids Cookery Class. Have a glimpse.

Salad served with chicken Breast prepared by Chef James.


Green beans                        Salt                                           Green pepper

Carrots                                White pepper

Cucumber                             Black pepper

Olive oil                               Lemon

Tomatoes                            Mayonnaise

Chef James of Classic Catering School- Ugandan Tottia

Ingredients for the Ugandan Tottia

Eggs                                    Carrots               Oranges

Green pepper                       Garlic                  Milk

Onions                                 Grapefruit            Vegetable oil

Tomatoes                             Irish Potatoes

American pancake with a Ugandan Twist Part

James Chef gives you a simple recipe on how to prepare American Pancakes using simple ingredients you can get from your local market or supermarket near you. As the  Director and Instructor of The Classic Catering School Uganda, which is the best Culinary School in Uganda I’ll be glad to share with you this recipe that shows you how to make American Pancakes. See it, like it, Get it.


Pancake syrup             Baking powder          Vegetable oil

Water                         Eggs                          Flour




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