Culinary School graduation done what’s next? An Executive Chef!

Nobody in this world wants to wait a thousand years down the road to complete a career of their choice. Becoming a chef is hard work, but the payoffs in the end are worth it. If you love being in the kitchen, you will love the cooking classes in any culinary school near you!

How Long is Culinary College?

How long your culinary school degree takes, depends on the school you enter and the area of expertise you choose. Some schools offer night classes while others offer long day classes. Culinary arts colleges are much like regular colleges in that they offer various programs for students. Typically, simple chef training takes one to two years depending on the college. If you plan to be an advanced, executive chef then four years of culinary arts college is probably best for you.

Internship During Culinary School

Probably the best way to land a great job out of culinary school is to intern while working towards your career. Plenty of internships are available since restaurants are always in need of help in the kitchen. A good culinary arts college can even help you find some good work experience through internships listed at their local office. If you have the time to intern, you have a better chance at landing a more qualified job after graduating with a culinary arts college degree.

Becoming an Executive Chef

After a few years of training and internship, becoming an executive chef is in the hands of the individual. You can quickly become an executive chef by heading up your own restaurant, but obviously this is a financial load that not everyone can afford. Typically, you start with a climb up the ladder like any other job. You may start as a line cook and work your way up in the kitchen after culinary school. This can take months or years depending on your determination and goals. Perhaps a little luck comes into play, but becoming an executive chef is hard work that is reachable through your efforts in the kitchen.

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