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Why is cooking with children important?

Cooking with children promotes the lifetime skill of healthy cooking right from a young age.

Self confidence; children who cook at home presents / bring-out a sense of accomplishment and the feeling contributing to their families.

Children try out new and healthy foods. The research shows that children who participate in cooking activities have less fear of foods (less food neophobia). They most times have great acceptance of eating different foods.

At home, the kitchen acts as a learning lab for the children since it involves most of all their senses.

The tossing, cutting, peeling, kneading,smelling, pouring and feeling lets them learn without even noticing. It is a fun way of learning for them.

Cooking with the children helps them learn the lifetime skills through the basic math skills like weighing, measuring, counting tracking time and many others basics carried out when cooking.

Cooking with children also helps them to gain social skills by working together in the kitchen.

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Cooking also aids children in acceptance of responsibility. Here, each child is given a task to perform to contribute to the preparations of the meals.

Cooking in schools build positive memories which promote enjoyable cooking and the future healthy.

Cooking lessons to the youth gives them an opportunity to teach nutrition lessons such as making smarter food choices, planning meals, etc

the nutritional knowledge is incomplete without the hands on activities or experiential learning associated with the food preparations which pertain handling food and the equipments for cooking.

Therefore, classic catering school Uganda not only advises adults to learn cooking or get cooking lessons but also encourages them to involve children in the cooking activities. If you would like to join the school, please call on 0701774874 or visit our website at

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