Cooking schools in Uganda-Skills Offered

Cooking lessons in Kampala have thrived over the years.

It is mainly because we at Classic Catering Uganda not only being among the best cooking schools in the country Uganda. We have Also have kept delivering our very best. We still have hopes to continue doing so in very many more years to come. This is also part of our vision which is to be the center of food preparation trainings and also leading events related service providers in Kampala and the whole of Uganda at large. Our mission is to provide professional trainings and quality services to our customers with a lot of distinct taste, competent work force and also well planned programs.
Meanwhile, before enrolling for your cooking lessons, you need to take note of these few things.

These will be of much help to you through out your course at cooking schools in Uganda.

  1.  You have to make yourself much familiar with cooking. You need to have passion in cooking incase you do not have it yet. With passion, you will have less challenges in your cooking classes. Our courses cover a variety of cooking skills, food safety, entrepreneurship and kitchen management among other relevant cooking etiquette.
  2.  While at Classic Catering Uganda, you have an all access to one on one coaching and also mentoring from the very best chefs in town. This gives our students an upper hand in the cooking sector.
  3. At Classic Catering Uganda, we teach our students the advantage of creativity and Organization. We help our students with the basic kitchen preparations and help the get very organized and do away with a chaotic or out of whack work space.
    We provide an ideal convenient environment for introducing and reinforcing organizational skills which are key possessions for every successful chef.
  4. With the partnerships we have, students build networks with in their career path. And this helps them in the process of finding employment opportunities. This is an advantage of joining cooking schools in Uganda specifically Classic Catering Uganda.

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