Cooking courses in Uganda!

Courses at Classic Catering Uganda are tailored to fit the best chef skills.

Cooking courses in Uganda

If you have love for food, have interest in cooking and would wish to be creative with your life, enrolling now at Classic Catering Uganda should be your first priority.

You have a variety of programs to chose from. Students can either enroll for a fulltime, short or intermediate course.


Diploma courses
Our diploma courses are 2 year programs prepared to introduce students into the rich culinary world with skills and technics. These also prepare them for hospitality and catering Industry.

Cooking courses in Uganda

Part of the Learning out comes include;
1. We Prepare our student chefs to perform the standard operations of food production also relating to different cuisines and satisfying the guests’ needs.
2. Introduction of the students to various kitchen commodities which help them in innovation and creativity.
3. Our courses also comprehend the students to differentiate between the ingredients and quality of commodities among other related skills. This will help them to prepare good quality meals


Students seeking to start a career in the cooking sector, should think about enrolling now for a course in Culinary arts at Classic Catering Uganda.  This applies to all people that are both employed and the non employed ones too. We offer short courses with full hands on trainings in the cooking sector. Courses at Classic Catering Uganda are designed to fit students’ needs of specializing in particular profession of their choice in the culinary industry. Such as chefs, bakers, cake artists among others. Students will be able to start u successful food service centers immediately they finish their courses. We call upon applications now for opportunities to learn the most fundamental culinary skills. This will help them in their own professional and personal cooking environments.

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