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Cooking Courses requirements-Classic Catering Uganda

While thinking of joining a culinary school to further your cooking career, think no further than Classic catering Uganda. If your passion is in cooking, then this is the right lace to be.
We are a school that offers various cooking courses. Come and enroll now for absolutely the best and most ethical cooking skills ever. We value our students decision of joining cooking as a career and that is the reason we equip them with the very best among the rest.
Enhance your cooking skills in preparing all types of dishes that is to say local dishes, international dishes, continental dishes among others.
Come and enroll now and get taught by professional chefs that have experience.

Some of the requirements you will need to join cooking courses in Uganda:

Applications fee – 50,000 Ugx only for the desired course of your choice.
We sell School uniforms at the school.
Chefs’ knife, chefs’ towel and Chopping boards
3 passport size photographs of student
Valid Identity Card (Either National ID, Driver’s license, Passport among others)
Relevant Academic documents and also relevant supporting documents too.
Time for studying is very flexible.

Our cooking courses in Uganda do not only prepare you for your professional job in any of the restaurants, hotels, airlines, cruises as a chef but also enhance and equips you with very relevant professional skills that you can use while at home for the best cooking experience. The skills you will acquire through the desired course you will have enrolled for will take you to many places.

Some of what you are expected to learn includes;

Making delicious soup, preparing salads and sauce.
Best meat preparation techniques
Making international cuisines
Among other relevant skills which include etiquette from the best chefs in and around town.

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