“Certificate in cake baking and decoration”Admission Requirements for a Cooking School

One of the best programs Classic Catering Uganda has to offer is the Certificate in Cake Baking and Decoration.This Cooking School provides students with well-rounded training, a college degree, and a relatively low time investment.There are several degree options available to cooking school students; potential students must be aware of their options.
Choosing the right Cooking School degree program can make or break a career, but Classic Catering Uganda has the best deals.
Here are a few examples of these degree options:

Diploma and Certificate Programs

One of the most common options for culinary school students is a short-term graduate or certificate program. This type of education option is most often found at trade schools and typically takes only 8-10 weeks. Students that don’t have a lot of time to invest in their education and need a quick setup into the culinary industry will find this to be a good idea. This is because it takes a short time to complete a course like this one. Let us look at the next Program.

Cooking School Bachelor’s Degrees

A high school degree is required for admission to these degree programs and is offered at many higher-level institutions across the country. This type of degree will provide students with culinary, business, and management training further opening up the opportunities available to graduates.

Cooking School Master’s Degrees

This is the highest level in culinary training. A master’s culinary degree program usually lasts 2 to 3 years It requires at least a bachelor’s degree for admission. Future restaurant owners, Bakery owners, dieticians, and professors usually pursue this kind of degree option.

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