Cake decoration history and it’s impact on wedding cakes in kampala

Cake decoration and cake baking in the years of 80’s were simply baked and decorated. But the techniques developed during that time led to the present baking and decoration of wedding cakes in Uganda

Although wedding cake baking from scratch reduced during the weddings of 20th century in the western countries like the United Kingdom, United States, there are many decorated cakes as a significant part of partying in Uganda e.g. Wedding cakes, Cakes for Showers, Birthday cakes such as the Barbie Doll Cake, Cakes for anniversaries, and other special occasions


Many wedding cake decorations in Uganda contain flowers of different colours. Christian celebration cakes for example, the baptism, confirmation, wedding cakes are marked with Bible scriptures and flowers on top. So many cake decoration businesses in Uganda have made money in this thriving industry.

However, much was needed to be improve on wedding cakes in Uganda and professional (great Chefs) companies have come up to address the problem. Look at the Barbie doll cake. There are lessons in all cake preparation in Kampala schools of baking eg Cake baking, cake decoration. Cake baking and decoration courses have become very common in Uganda.

The cake decoration classes at Classic Catering School Uganda. Such arrangements be responsible for cake baking students with practical skills or the market.



Still, cake baking classes are available at numerous cooking schools in Uganda and thru baking, pastry arts and culinary/cookery diplomas, and certificates programs. These cake baking classes in Uganda are provided on a starter to advanced scale. E.g. at The Classic Catering School Uganda some courses are dedicated to specialty themes.


Usual concepts inspected within our cake baking classes include the following:

Cake Baking tools and kitchen equipment

Cake Decorating

Cake Sanitation

Wedding Cake baking

Selection of Cake Ingredient choices



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