How to learn Cake decorating skills in Uganda.

Cake decorating is one of the most popular sugar arts. It utilizes icing/frosting and other edible decorations that make the would-be-plain cakes more visually interesting and sweeter. As a result, cakes can now be made and sculpted to resemble real persons, places, symbols and things.

Cakes are often decorated to mark a special celebration (such as a wedding or birthday). They can also be part of national or religious holidays, be used to promote commercial entities or campaigns. This makes cakes an ideal part for almost all social occasion.

Skill 1- Simple Decoration. You don’t require any cake experience to do this. We teach you how to decorate cakes using basic buttercream techniques and six simple-flower shapes. All supplies required for this class are available at the Classic Catering School Uganda at no extra cost. You also get to learn the basics especially using decorating bags, round & star decorating tips.

Skill 2: Advanced cake decoration. You will need some experience of skill 1. We show you how to create professional-looking cakes just like the ones you’ve appreciated at parties. The shapes and flowers are advanced at this stage. Designs are made from icing sugar. What’s more? Still all requirements for your cake decoration classes are available at the Classic Catering School Uganda.

At Classic Catering School Uganda, we believe food is as tasty as it appears. Throughout all the courses, we’ll give you full guides and practical walk-through of decorating cakes that meet Ugandan and International market standards. How about if you need a cake decorated for your celebration? You can read this article about why our wedding cakes are the best, and give us a call for the best treat! Number is +256 701 774 874

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