Cake baking – a look at baking schools in Kampala!

Cake Baking is among the first lessons that chefs get to learn while in Culinary schools. One of the most famous baking School in Kampala is Classic Catering Uganda. This baking School specializes in creating beautifully decorated cakes, cupcakes and cookies for weddings, birthdays, corporate events and special occasions.Who wouldn’t love the aroma of freshly baked cakes in the morning? No one! Let’s look at what such a Culinary school is made of.

Satisfaction that comes with Cake baking and food!

When we talk above satisfaction several ideas run in our minds. The diaspora deems the term in enormous ways. One could say they are comfortable with their financial status or could say they are pleased by their achievement at the end of the day and this could mean he or she hit the boss’ target and was saved from getting fired. We could talk about satisfaction endlessly but can not leave out a stomach that’s full to the brim. Simply I can say when one drops something to the mouth it is either to eat for fun or to eat so that the stomach can be satisfied. Either way both ideologies are satisfied.
We all think about food when we want to satisfy the stomach.

Our country Uganda!

The world has been blessed with a lot to eat and thank God for this country ‘the pearl of Africa’ that is rich with various kinds of food. With the flowing food even the least experienced person can at least boil a cup of water or a cup of milk ‘African milk’ while other go an extra mile just to take lessons. Such a person cannot be categorized as one who cannot cook but it is not enough that he or she knows the ordinary basics of cooking. While others take catering lessons in cooking particular foods for income purposes the others have lesson



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