Baking and cooking lessons in Uganda – Classic Benefits

We all love baking and Cooking Lessons because we practice what we love doing. Research shows that this year, an average population in Uganda spent most of their quarantine time online taking baking and cooking lessons. What a way to kill time! Well its fun! But there are so many other Benefits;

Stress reduction

Relax and unwind… baking and cooking lessons can be every calming, which can greatly help to aid relaxation and reduce stress. Movements such as kneading bread have been shown to reduce levels of anxiety, help prevent and manage depression.

Improves on one’s appetite

Many of us lose our appetite for certain foods with old age. Baking and cooking stimulates the senses, meaning it can be an effective tool for encouraging older people to enjoy their food more and try new things. The feel of the flour, the smell of bakes, watching the frosting go on; all help to stimulate the senses and build up a healthy appetite.

A great way to reminiscence

Food can bring back memories of celebration and familiarity, whether it’s memories of cooking with, or for loved ones, the smell of a fresh cake or some traditional strawberry tarts. There is something that will trigger these memories for everyone.

Baking and cooking lessons bring about creativity at it’s best. 

Previous studies have shown a definite link between creative expression and wellbeing. Most baking also involves decorating, which allows you to express yourself, which in turn calms the mind and improves mood.

Teaches us to be economical as we deal with food

You are able to choose exactly what is going into your body. Baking ourselves allows us to decide how much sugar goes into our food, which type of egg, avoid any preservatives and ensure we are eating fresh. A balanced diet with a lot to learn and share with other people.

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