Bakery Training in Kampala – learning how to start from Scratch to Something!

Do you enjoy the act of Baking? Have you ever dreamt of having a Bakery store of your own? Then you might be interested in joining a Cooking School. Classic Catering Uganda is here to offer Bakery Training around Kampala at affordable fees. With the knowledge and skills got from a Cooking School, there is a wide impact into Uganda’s economy. This comes true when you learn to start from scratch to something. Here’s the start;

Acquiring the Basic skills

This is part of learning how to start from scratch. One can acquire skills on how to become a baker through getting the right Bakery Training. The different skills can be how to make cakes and other pastries, how to manage a bakery store and many more. Getting those basic skills can help you grow into a Bakery Chef in no time.

Practicing what you’ve learnt

Well, after getting the basic skills, you can practice what you gained. This keeps you in shape mastering every technique that you learnt. So always keep practicing! The training got from a Baking is a foundation for your Future Career. It is so important that you can’t do without especially in the food industry. It provides you knowledge you will need to establish your own Bakery shop.

Finally, start up your own Bakery

After getting the basic techniques and practicing what you have learnt. Then feel the need to open up a your own Bakery shop. However small it can be. Having know and understood how things go around the Bakery. You can surely run a Bakery business your self. That feeling of being an owner of a Bakery shop!

Are you interested in starting small then expand to big? Classic Catering Uganda is here to take you through the baby steps. Then to your final destination. You can visit their website at



  1. Hello, am maate kunahimbire would like to join u for training in baking.
    Kindly need the contact info. preferably phone contacts for inquiries

  2. Can’t you teach me online or weekend

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