Affordable Online Cooking lessons in Kampala. Lock-down is no hindrance!

Affordable online Cooking lessons in Kampala are at one’s disposal. You should know that Classic catering Uganda is here to serve amidst all the lock-down challenges.

Why Should you study Online?

By studying online at Classic catering Uganda ill be able to obtain a recognized qualification and open the door to a world of achievement and success.Don’t let the lock-down stand in your way of advancing in your career!We understand that your work and family obligations frequently make it difficult or impossible for you to be a full-time or part-time student.

As Covid-19 corona virus continues to escalate around Kampala and other parts of Uganda, Cooking Schools around Kampala seem untamed by it. These Schools still manage to provide outstanding catering services despite the lock-down. In regards to this life threatening disease, our first priority is the health and welfare of our staff,customers and Clients. This successful attempt has been put in place following the guidelines from the ministry of public health and additional recommendations.

Prior preparation of our staff

Without putting at risk our management and operational effectiveness, Cooking Schools in Kampala were prepared to function under extreme monitoring of staff and environment we operate along with. Above all putting emphasis on implementing guidelines from public health Uganda so that we can continue to cater safely during the lock-down.

The Cope under lock-down!

As a way to still function,Cooking Schools around Kampala found ways to cope despite the standing lock-down and they include:
Providing takeaways and deliveries. Some Cooking Schools like Classic Catering Uganda opted to offer grab and go to their customers as a way to live with the lock-down.
Switch face to face customer feedback to online Surveys. This act helped many Cooking Schools around Kampala to function still despite the lock-down.

Best practice for Safely cater during lock-down

Ensuring social distancing.
Mandatory wearing of Masks for both catering staff and Customers.
Catering staff should wear gloves while moving delivery items.
To prevent further spread of corona virus,sanitizers are to be available at all times.
Client meetings can be done through phone calls and video conferencing.
Encouraging staff members to be collaborative such as to communicate and access information from the public health ministry as to be updated about Covid-19

Classic catering Uganda offers affordable Online Cooking lessons in Kampala  during the lock-down. And for more information please don’t hesitate to contact them on their website at


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