A Diploma in Catering Services- a look at what you might need to get moving!

Getting a diploma in catering services is actually easy when you have the right Culinary arts school backing you up! Its like having a piece of Cake on a table near you. Well,look no further than Classic catering Uganda to get you going with the best experiences of a diploma course you can ever. Today we are going to look at things like tuition, academic requirements and of course other requirements. Here’s a few of the things you will need to get started;

Student’s Requirements!

Well as a student you might need requirements like registration fee,a uniform, chopping board, chef’s towel, Laundry fee and a School ID. Yes, every potential Chef must possess all those requirements. That is to have an effective performance while at a Culinary School. This is because the requirements for this diploma are the basis of everything your are to learn.

Minimum Academic requirements!

The academic requirements can be a certificate from your A level or a catering service certificate. This is very important because of it’s nessicity. In addition you must know how long your Diploma will take and how many semesters they are. And not forgetting the study time and study days. The study days can be on the weekends or even during weekdays. It will depend on your preferred Schedule!

Tuition Fees! 

Well, here comes the most important of them all. The payable fees for your Diploma in a Catering school. Without tuition there is no assurance for your of your Diploma course. You should be able to plan carefully considering the payable fees. If you enroll yourself to a Cooking School like Classic catering Uganda. The payable fees are quite suitable.

Trust Classic catering Uganda to take you through the process. Of becoming an amazing Chef with a Diploma in Catering services! For more information please visit their website at classicateringuganda.com.


  1. I have liked it,if l want to join , how do l get addimitted

    1. Hi Sarah, you can join by applying online. Please use this link (Registration link) to share your details and we’ll call you back

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