A Cooking Career -The secret that lies behind Learning how to cook.

In a Cooking Career, following recipes is a great way to learn to cook.That’s why at classic catering we aim at taking you through every single bit in your Career.It’s important to use your senses in addition to following the recipe to get the best results.That’s when you know you’ve become a real cook and not just a recipe follower.These 4 cooking secrets are all simple and easy

Discover our 4 cooking secrets that will take you from a recipe follower to a real cook. While pursuing your Cooking Career


Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to use salt. Salt is used to enhance the flavor of a dish. Recipes never explicitly state all the times you should be seasoning your dish as you cook, so here’s our tip: Add a small pinch of salt every time a new ingredient is added to the dish, so that flavors have time to build. When cooking meat, make sure to salt and tenderize with a fork the night before. And for pasta, salt the water generously, because that’s the only time the pasta will really be able to absorb any flavor

Sometimes when you’re cooking, your pan might dry up. This is okay! Adding a few drops of water or wine will add flavor and prevent burning.Keep an eye on what you’re cooking. If it ever looks like the food or pan might start to burn, add a splash of liquid. Scrape up all the brown bits that have formed on the pan and you’ll add flavor to your dish!
You’ll never experience a bland dish if you learn to trust your taste. If something tastes bland, add some salt or spices. If it’s too tart, add some sweetener, like sugar or honey.
Finish your dishes with a bit of acid to really bring out all the flavors. Acid or sourness has the effect of highlighting other flavors, which can make the tastes of a dish so much more powerful and dynamic. Always keep lemons and a selection of vinegar around, and finish a dish with a few drops of acid. Do this towards the end of cooking as heat can dull the effect.
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