5 things you shouldn’t miss at The Classic Catering School Uganda.

Excellent things people like about the classic catering school Uganda

Professional Chefs. Established by famous James chef. Classic Catering School raids the final line first in the race for expertise. The chefs are all skilled and friendly, after all, what is cooking without the fun? Plus, before you are registered, you get to meet all of them and get to know what your course will be like.

The prices. Nothing beats good quality with a good price. Our packages are tailored to meet your budget without a compromise to the quality. Contact bookings office to know the real price for the course of your choice

Practical approaches. See for yourself and do for yourself. At Classic Catering School Uganda, all cooking courses are started from the basics with no product in sight. Students who wish to be part of the actual purchasing of the materials are allowed to do so. This helps them move through all the stages manually till the final product.
All the tools and Spices. See where to find us, Click here contact us. Come and take a quick tour of all the tools and customized spices before you apply so that you know what to expect. Caught by chance, you could also see an ongoing class and have a feel of the whole arrangement.
Convenient location. Whether you are coming from town or upcountry, the Classic Catering  School Uganda is a short distance from the Northern Bypass, Kisaasi opposite Gaz petrol station. Excellent for things people like about the classic catering school Uganda

Our Barbie-doll cake makes birthday parties more colorful. You should see the big smile of a young Barbie-fan when she gets her own Barbie Doll birthday cake. Let me first announce to you that we make these cakes and have delivered them to more parties than I can possibly count.

We started this a long time ago when one of our clients daughters was celebrating birthday at school. All her classmates looked at the wrapped statue only to find it was an edible statue.

You can book one now!


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