3 Reasons Why You Should Apply for Cake Baking Pastry and Decorations Courses in Uganda.

In the years of 80’s, cakes were simply baked and then its done but now, the techniques have developed from the past time. The present cake baking and decoration of wedding cakes is so fascinating and amazing and classic catering school Uganda trains cake baking, pastry and cake decoration of the current years( the dot com wedding cakes)

Even though wedding cake baking from scrape faded out during the wedding ceremonies of 20th century in western nations like the USA and United Kingdom, there are numerous decorated cakes as a momentous part of occasion in Uganda such as Cakes for Showers, Birthday cakes such as the Barbie Doll Cake, and other special occasions .

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Improving your standards of living by earning money through baking and decorating cakes. With a classic catering certificate or diploma, you will have the basics and the knowledge to bake your cakes and you will also be able to decorate them. Once you have the basics from classic catering, then you the start .its not only cake baking and decoration in the course but it also consists of baking pies, breads, cookies, cupcakes etc. therefore, you will have a variety of desserts to make which surely will help you earn a living. You can as well start up a snack / dessert shop just like that of classic catering school selling the baked items.

Standing for better paying jobs like working in baking companies, baking shops, because you will have acquired the skills to run the cake baking and decorating business. Cake baking and decoration is a good paying job and a fun career which wont stress you.

Capability to make up your own career. You will have the knowledge to set up your career. At Classic catering school Uganda, we give outstanding knowledge and skills to the trainees and with that, they are capable to set up cake baking , pastry and decorating because she or he may have learn all needed.

Regular concepts scrutinized within our cake baking classes include the following:

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Cake Baking tools and kitchen equipment

Selection of Cake Ingredient choices


Cake Sanitation

Wedding Cake baking


Cake Decorating


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