A Cooking School near you – Pursue Your Passion for Cooking!

A cooking School near you, pursue your passion dream for sure! Getting training at a cooking school near you is one of the best things you can do if you are interested in getting into the culinary industry.It is important for culinary students to consider what direction they would like to take their career because of the variety of options that are available after graduation from cooking school.

Place of Work after a Cooking School

After graduation you will be qualified to start working anywhere from the restaurant.  Making the right decision depends on what you are want as a person. Do you want to be familiar with busy places?Then you should consider catering or even working in a hostel as a Chef.After a Cooking School, choose a place of work where you feel so comfortable enough to exercise your duties with a settled mind. You being confident at place of work makes a difference.

Development skills got from a Cooking School

There are four main categories that cooking skills usually major in for instance technical, culinary, organizational, and managerial. Within each skill category is where you will learn the detailed skills that that will help you get the job you want once you graduate from a Culinary school.You developing the right skill set for what you want to work with is essential for a successful career path. Make sure you are working towards the right one.

Career Choices in a Cooking School

Many Cooking schools have career planning departments which will make all of these choices go easier when you reach graduation. So choose wisely when weighing your enrollment options!

No matter what direction you decide to take your career, always give it your best and try hard to make your dreams come true. . Your training will ensure that you will have a solid foundation paving away for you to put in action what you have been taught.

Most popular Cooking Schools in Uganda – What a path to become a Chef!

Most popular Cooking Schools in Uganda are a path to becoming a chef! Many people wonder what Culinary Arts schools in Uganda mean but Classic Catering Uganda is here to give them the real definition of a Culinary school. A Culinary arts school can be referred to  as a school where one gets training on how to become a great Chef. Take it lightly, for one to become a qualified Chef you must go through a certain training. It’s actually mazing to be qualified as a Chef.Here are some of the answers to your questions about becoming a Chef in a Culinary arts School in Uganda;

How can one join a Culinary School?

Joining a Culinary School is easy to go around. This is because most Culinary schools in Uganda have made it easy to find them. A Culinary School like Classic catering Uganda has a website to guide you all the way to what you want to persue. Make your hunt so easy! All you need to do is visit their website at www.classiccateringuganda.com. The site helps you get familiar with what you are looking for. So don’t hesitate!

How can one choose a particular Course?

With so many options around, one  can have a hard time choosing a certain Course in a Culinary arts School in Uganda. But one thing you should know is;  Choose comfort, choose something suitable in time schedules and also choose a Course that that you will love and enjoy. It is important to choose a perfect course for your own good. These courses at Culinary arts Schools in Uganda vary accordingly but that doesn’t mean you can’t find what is suitable for cause.

Don’t be left behind get in contact with one of the most Popular cooking schools in Uganda- Classic catering Uganda to guide you on your way to getting the Course suitable for your cause. And for more information visit their website at www.classiccateringuganda.com.



Best Baking School in Uganda:Traditional and Modern ways of Baking!

Best Baking Schools in Uganda have advanced in fact the most prominent Schools have unique utensils. Those that you might need for cooking your Ugandan bakes are perhaps, a skillet or a hot outdoor , a non-stick saucepan, a large Dutch oven or even a similar cooking pot would be useful. Make sure that you use the right amount of desired ingredients especially spices and salts in while preparing your Ugandan cuisine.

The Unique Flavors!

There is much more to wedding cakes than ordinary ones. It is that unique flavor that brings out the delicious taste in a cake. So, the flavor to wedding cakes is an important aspect. Choosing a specific flavor is yet another way to make your wedding more glamorous and a true definition of your personality, so choose a unique flavor that is absolutely delicious!

Glamorous Designs

Make your cake look elegant with a unique design. Different cakes ask for a design of their own. Well designs differ according to what you would want to use. There are designs like botanical designs, green detail, drip designs and so much more to see. They are countless ways you can colour, shape or mold cakes into something fabulous!

The Cake Size!

Cakes also differ in sizes but since we are talking about a Wedding cake, the size of it should be enough to have the attention of everyone at the Venue. Well, your wedding cake should be neither too small nor too big. It should be just suitable for your occasion. Your guests will have something to learn from you because of the art there is to it. So, make it a point to be fancy on your big day!

Baking Schools in Uganda do exist. Those that take you through Baking Cakes and much more. Contact Classic Catering today.You will surely be lucky to experience the best in the heart of Africa.

Online Classes in and around Kampala – Baking and Cooking the Digital way

Online Classes in and around Kampala are easy to find that is if you know where to look.It’s never been easier to pursue your culinary and hospitality goals,but our online classes allow you to take lessons at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.
Plus, you’ll get one-on-one assistance to help you stay on track with your educational objectives!
Classic Online programs provide a well-rounded, high-quality education that encompasses the most up-to-date skills and a solid business foundation.Here is how one can handle a digital class;

Acquiring the Basic skills

This is part of learning how to start from scratch. One can acquire skills on how to become a baker through getting the right Bakery Training. The different skills can be how to make cakes and other pastries, how to manage a bakery store and many more. Getting those basic skills can help you grow into a Bakery Chef in no time.

Practicing what you’ve learnt

Well, after getting the basic skills, you can practice what you gained. This keeps you in shape mastering every technique that you learnt. So always keep practicing! The training got from a Baking is a foundation for your Future Career. It is so important that you can’t do without especially in the food industry. It provides you knowledge you will need to establish your own Bakery shop.

Finally, start up your own Bakery

After getting the basic techniques and practicing what you have learnt. Then feel the need to open up a your own Bakery shop. However small it can be. Having know and understood how things go around the Bakery. You can surely run a Bakery business your self. That feeling of being an owner of a Bakery shop!

Are you interested in Online classes in and around Kampala? Classic Catering Uganda is here to take you through the baby steps. Then to your final destination. You can visit their website at www.classiccateringuganda.com


Cooking School in Kampala,here are the Benefits – what you need to know!

Joining cooking school in Kampala is an awesome idea if you are seeking to enhance your culinary skills and knowledge. You can learn basic knife skills, food decorating, outdoor grilling, and basic cooking methods. Apart from these, several classes also serve international cuisines and other topics. In short, you will find of a cooking school in Kampala. Whatever your purpose may be, you will certainly reap lots of benefits from cooking classes.

Benefits of Cooking schools

 Enhance cooking skills

Even if you know cooking can still enhance your cooking skills. In case you can’t cook, look at every good chance that can happen for improving your skills. Endless chances are there. Joining cooking classes will give you training in cooking and enhance your cooking capacities.

 Get familiarized with your kitchen

Kitchens are an important part of a house where we prepare food and consume it also. To some persons, the kitchen is the place to make home-cooked meals with a lot of love included. You are fortunate if you are one of those persons. People who see a kitchen other way ground, joining cooking classes will help you get acquainted with your kitchen and all kitchen dressings.

Increase cultural awareness

Maximum classes involve handling international cuisines. Apart from that, sometimes students have a different cultural background. By communicating with them, you will get to know a lot regarding distinct cultures.

 Improve self-confidence

One of the basic ingredients of successful people is high self-confidence. You can do nearly everything if you have faith in yourself. Attending cooking classes will instruct you in the right direction. If you know where you will go, you can attempt the required processes or steps with complete confidence.

  A start of a culinary career

Are you one of those who had dream of becoming a chef or a restaurant owner but couldn’t fulfill that dream for some reason? If you want to become a restaurant owner or a chef, attend different cooking classes to jump start your career in a cooking school in Kampala. This will help you set your goals and open your mind. Moreover, it will help you make a decision on whether you want to attend a formal culinary school.

A Certificate in Cake baking and decoration -Want it, go for it we got you!

A Certificate in Cake baking and decoration is one of the best programs that Classic Catering Uganda has to offer. This Cooking School provides well-rounded training, a college degree, and relatively low-time investment for students. There are several degree options for cooking school students, potential learners must know what choices are available to them. Picking the right Cooking School degree plan can make or break a career but Classic Catering Uganda offers the best offers. Here are some of these degree options;

Diploma and Certificate Programs

One of the most common options for culinary school students is a short-term graduate or certificate program. This type of education option is most often found at trade schools and typically takes only 8-10 weeks. Students that don’t have a lot of time to invest in their education and need a quick setup into the culinary industry will find this to be a good idea. This is because it takes a short time to complete a course like this one. Let us look at the next Program.

Cooking School Bachelor’s Degrees

A high school degree is required for admission to these degree programs and is offered at many higher-level institutions across the country. This type of degree will provide students with culinary, business, and management training further opening up the opportunities available to graduates.

Cooking School Master’s Degrees

This is the highest level in culinary training. A master’s culinary degree program usually lasts 2 to 3 years It requires at least a bachelor’s degree for admission. Future restaurant owners, Bakery owners, dieticians, and professors usually pursue this kind of degree option.

Are you interested in getting a certificate in cake baking and decoration? Or you are looking for the best Culinary School with the best degree Options? Look no further than Classic Baking and Catering services. Classic Catering is here to provide you the best learning experience at fairly affordable fees. And for more information please visit their website at www.classiccateringuganda.com.

Wedding Cakes in Kampala – Get trendy with Classic Cakes near you!

Wedding Cakes in Kampala? Then look no further, classic catering got you covered. They have the best services right from making your cake to delivering it. When you give them work, no worries because they give extra ordinary services to all their customers. Classic catering handles every little detail about your Wedding Cake if only you give them the chance. Get trendy with a few tips!

Price of the Cake

There is much more to wedding cakes than ordinary ones. It is that unique flavor that brings out the delicious taste in a cake. So, the flavor to wedding cakes is an important aspect. Choosing a specific flavor is yet another way to make your wedding more glamorous and a true definition of your personality, so choose a unique flavor that is absolutely delicious! The more unique the flavor is, the more money you get to pay.

Make Cake – tasting appointments

The Cake tasting appointments are important because one gets to differentiate What Cake he or she wants for the big day. Get in touch with your to be baker and set the dates for your cake tasting. This act also gives you the opportunity to choose what you think is perfect for your day.


Your creativity choice can be absolutely about personal preference. Most people have love for the firm sugar icing since it looks so incredible while polished on a Wedding Cake. The special thing about the firm sugar icing is that it makes ease to add other well defined elements of design. And so it could be an option to make that Colorful Wedding Cake.

Classic Catering says, wedding cakes in Kampala do exist and it is not your thing to worry about. Besides, no worries are sweet. For wedding cakes in Kampala and other parts of Uganda, please contact us on:  +256 701774874.

Cake baking in Uganda – Experience the best at Classic catering services!

Cake baking in Uganda does exist If only one knows where to look. Classic catering, baking, cake decorating, and cookery courses will teach you expert skills in cake, cake decorating, bread, and pastry making, preparing you well to start your own business.
You’ll learn how to make the perfect cake with a professional finish using a range of cake-making techniques. In my own out take, I believe the most common baked item is cake but many other types of edibles are baked too.

My Cake Days!

It is everyone’s joy to be surprised at their birthdays perhaps with a great fine decorated cake or a perfect gift. As for me, my cake Days were not so fun as they seemed. I found cake those days too sweet and actually a single bite of it was quite enough to kill my appetite for it. And this kept me wondering whether it was the too much sugar they put that caused the excess sweetness or the ingredients, I really couldn’t figure it out. But I Surely thought of joining a Baking school in Uganda.

Ugandans and Parties!

Well as Ugandans, every year is filled with a variety of festivals and ritual celebrations, including marriages you can them” introductions”, weddings, birthdays, christenings and other events. And I believe that on such events a cake is infallible. Someone can fail to have enough chairs on their birthdays but have a big fine cake just to have an ideal Birthday! Cake plays a big role in creating an outstanding picture especially on an important event such a wedding ceremony.

Baking lessons!

Cake baking in Uganda!You could aim at pleasing or serving as many people as possible by offering a wide selection of baked cakes. Well, the baking lessons we get from baking schools in Uganda are so many!

Cooking lessons in Uganda at Classic Catering Services!

Do you enjoy Cooking lessons? Are you interested in enrolling in one of the best Cooking lessons in Uganda? Classic catering Uganda is here to provide only the best Cooking Classes for you at affordable costs. Even when payable fees at Culinary Schools seem to increase. Here are some cost guides about Cooking Classes;

Group lessons

The group classes can be effective in that one gets to interact and learn more from other people in a group. This is because different people have different ideas in mind. These group classes like any other have a certain amount of fees needed to be paid in order to access them.The time for classes (Study time) is 9:00am – 12:00pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and being that we a professionals.If you happen to enroll in a Culinary School. Like Classic Catering Uganda, there are affordable fee for these group classes. All you need to visit them at their website and find out more. As far as the group classes are effective, we also have individual classes. Let us look at them below.

Private/individual lessons

Well this kind of class doesn’t require a lot of people. It actually involves only the student and the teacher. Individual Classes are also effective. This is because the potential chef’s attention is not divert. Unlike the group classes where someone wants to look at other people’s work and ends up missing out on a certain detail.

Online lessons

Classic Catering Uganda also offers online classes for those students who would wish to have them. You can have class wherever you are. So you don’t have to travel to the School to have your classes. You can actually access them while you intend to prepare something so that you learn while doing so.

Cooking lessons in Uganda have meaning.Don’t be left behind simply visit their website to enroll and check out more information about their cooking lessons.



Online Cooking Classes in Uganda – Going online with Chef James!

Online cooking classes in Uganda include classroom instruction in which students gain real-world experience through hands-on training in a professional kitchen.An online Class, like an on-campus class, consists of reading, culinary demonstrations, practice, and feedback.
Students who study online, on the other hand, have more freedom, as they can complete their studies from the comfort of their own homes.At first glance, learning online may not appear to be a viable option for prospective cooks considering cooking school.After all, can you really learn the necessary hands-on skills in a digital classroom? Absolutely!Today we are going to look at how our very own Chef James handles a Digital classroom.

The Personalized Attention Chef James gives to the Students!

During the Online classes,Students receive individualized attention from their instructor, as well as advice on how to improve. When they’re finished,Chef James reviews each student’s production sheet, summary, and images, as well as providing video commentary.

The Classic Cooking Methods employed!

Chef James teaches students about culinary terminology, basic cooking principles, and professional standards as well as the fundamentals of the culinary arts and cooking skills like; Knife Techniques that students on how to handle knives efficiently in modern kitchens,a review of different types of knives, grips, and how to utilize blades effectively in the preparation process.

Kitchen Math

With the help of Chef James, students learn about kitchen math and recipe conversions, as well as how to take exact measurements and why math is so important when it comes to dish preparation.In an attempt to learn numerous types of food, the method of food production, how to follow specified protocols, and how to complement a main in this introduction to foods.

Don’t be left behind try out online cooking classes in Uganda with one of the most popular Chefs in Uganda. Chef James will guide you through all the way to making that perfect Meal. Contact him today