The Art of Patisserie; latest trends and boutique style desserts.

 Patisserie craft and art in Uganda is about creativity and the incredible taste sensations that one can create. The fascination is a never ending process. The pastry chefs in Uganda identify, grasp new techniques and latest trends since it’s there obligation. And their focus is also an creating desserts.

Patisserie isn’t limited to just simple pastries and desserts,it’s about mirror finished cakes, desserts. With various textures and combinations of exotic flavours. In Uganda,the boutique style desserts now include the exotic berries,edible flowers and more!

Taste is an important factor,it includes nice scented flavours and made in a clean environment.

The pastry and confectionary is transparent, the nutritional values, the presence of preservatives, additives, sourcing and allergens are clearly indicated.

“I tasted the desserts and they were good”…one of the customers lamented

Delicious individual pies, dessert shots, brownie bites and more!