What to Consider When Choosing a Catering Service Provider in Uganda.

What to consider when choosing a catering service provider in Uganda.

For any event you may be organizing, there is ever a need to hire catering services. Why? It eases the planning processes and your load. Food is a significant part of any ceremony and since there are many catering organization available, you got to be so careful when making your choice. These are the reasons that will help you decide your catering service provider.

Know the reputation of your catering service provider

To ensure that all goes well at your function Classic catering Uganda is a great events planner. We discourage you from hiring a service provider before attending their functions or get recommendations from people who have in reality used them. To do this, you will have to reach the person who dealt with these service provider in person.

Flexibility of the catering service providers

Etobo James advises that you find out how flexible the catering service provider is and how ready they are to take up with any changes that may come. For example ‘If you have agreed to serve 500 people and more than 500 people turn up, they should be able to serve them all and with Quality services. Or else, the catering service provider might get zero credits.

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Providing the birthday cakes, Kwanjula cakes, wedding cakes, birthday cakes, the buffet to the exceeded number of the guests is not that very easy, but as great catering service provider, we have to deal with it and its our job.

Try to keep your numbers within the agreed upon count

The Director of Classic Catering Services Uganda says that as service providers they meet lots of challenges but still they have to fight those problems by meeting the agreed orders to any function be it Kwanjula / Kuhinjira, wedding function, corporate functions etc. He adds it that they have to be flexible, dedicated, and trust worthy.making it hard to part ways with their clients on very good terms as they desire.