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Learn Classic Catering With Global Cooking -Kampala

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Learn Classic Catering With Global Cooking -Kampala

Food is an essential part of travel for many.  For classic catering school Uganda, that’s not negotiable. We move for food.  We pick out locations based on it.  We look for the best and most wonderful food experiences in the realm that we can.

The classic catering love of food and travel drives further than just eating this food.  We very much love cooking.  Each mouthful of food we eat the whole enchilada we see when we travel, we evaluate it, speaking to those to make or produce it, to see how we can do the same back home, we actually take real classes for these.

We cook and we get you the recipes of the world’s food at any occasion, even at home. We know that cooking isn’t all the time easy for everybody; as a result we are here to help.  We give you cooking tips, advice and step by step instructions.

Classic Catering Classes

For those without full time for cooking vacation, Classic Catering School offers special time for you to have your cooking classes, which many clients generally tell us are the acme of their holiday. Our cooking courses provide an accurate and appetizing cooking capability that is rich in both ethos and cuisine. These are the things you can expect during our classes:

  • Classes usually last for few hours
  • They are mostly practical
  • Some classes may include visiting to local food market
  • Multi-course meal is generally prepared
  • The meals are enjoyed at the end of lesson.

Our classes are accessible in Kisaasi opposite Gaz Petrol station, therefore if you have trip dates scheduled, give us a call so that we can give some ideas. Our classes are not expensive. You can get more information, containing pricing and details on the chef and our location, by browsing through our Classic Catering cooking class options.

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