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Classic Cooking Lessons in Kampala

Developing a skill in Culinary Arts Is not a simple task but by enrolling for cooking lessons at Classic Catering Uganda, it’ll be the best career decision you’ve ever made. As much as you may be talented in this art, you still need to acquire and practice skills in cleanliness,…

Admissions for cooking lessons in Kampala

Do you have Love for What You Do! Enroll now for cooking lessons in Kampala WE ARE ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR COOKING LESSONS IN AND OUT OF UGANDA NOW FOR 2022-2023 INTAKE! APPLY NOW! We offer the best cooking lessons in Kampala and Uganda as a whole country. Come and enroll…

Best Wedding Cakes in Uganda

Best Wedding Cakes in Uganda – Where to Find the perfect cake for your wedding! Best wedding Cakes plan in Kampala is the only way to ensure that you have the best wedding cakes on your big special days. Why hustle when classic is available? We at Catering Uganda have…

Becoming a Culinary Chef- a look at how to become a professional Chef/Baker.

Classic Catering Uganda offers exclusive preparation for becoming a professional chef, baker, or pastry chef. Along with building a practical, hands-on skill foundation in food, you will also learn about business, leadership, working as a team, menus, costing, world cuisines and cultures, and so much more. The food business is…

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