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The first cake decorating is believed to have originated in 17th century Europe. During the 1840s, the introduction of temperature-controlled ovens for wedding cake decoration and the invention of baking powder made baking and decoration of cakes much easier. As temperature control technology improved, more emphasis on presentation and cake deco shapes and sizes came up. Cakes, especially the wedding cakes, the birthday cakes and other ceremonial cakes began to take on decorative shapes, got additional icing made into patterns and flowers for weddings, and food coloring was used to provide better appearance of the great wedding cakes.

A cake baking and decoration contest in the late 80’s. The cakes in those years were simply baked and decorated. However the procedures greatly developed during that time led to the current decoration and baking of the wedding cakes in Uganda (see some sample cake decorations at Classic Catering Uganda).

Even though wedding cake baking from scratch decreased during weddings of the 20th century in western countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, etc., there are still many decorated cakes as an important part of celebrations in Uganda e.g.  Wedding cakes, Cakes for anniversaries, cakes for introductions, Birthday cakes such as the Barbie Doll Cake, Cakes for baby Shower and other special occasions.


In Uganda, many wedding cake decorations always contain flowers of different colors. Many cooking schools in Uganda emphasize cake decoration as you may witness at Classic Catering Uganda. In case of Christian celebration cakes for example, wedding cakes are marked with Bible verses and flowers on all edges. Many Ugandan cake decoration companies have made a lot of money out of the booming industry.


In Part 2 of this conversation, it’s going to be all about wedding cake decoration baking-in-Uganda, we highlight the importance of Professional Cake baking and decoration schools in Uganda. You can also Read About what is involved in Cake decoration courses in Classic Catering schools of cooking Uganda.

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