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You could call a wedding cake the old-fashioned cake served at receptions following wedding dinners. In many parts of the world, the cake is usually on display at a raised table and served to guests by the bride and groom. Traditionally, cakes for weddings were made to cast good luck to all guests and the new couple. Today however, they are more of a part of the celebration just like music and dance. The wedding cakes symbolize power and status today and despite the menu and buffet, your wedding cake will define a lot for the guests. What is to note?

1-The freshness 2- The ingredients 3- How soon the wedding cake gets to the venue 4- How long its stands the movements and plump. Many ceremonial companies in Uganda today make wedding cakes that fail at one of the above. At The Classic Catering School Uganda, we have devised solutions to all and even done much more to make sure you like wedding cake and your guests get served on time.

Look at this:

A wedding Cake made in Uganda, with flavors from around the world. We make sure your wedding cake is just like your yoghurt glass, choose your flavor! From a variety of flavors including Fruit, Caramel, Marble or any other of your choice. Timely delivery. It’s your wedding, it’s your time.

For all the clients we’ve served with wedding cakes, time was to the minute. Even when there is a delay requested to meet a late schedule, at The Classic Catering School Uganda, flexibility is part of the whole driving force.

Fresh, ‘REAL FRESH WEDDING CAKE’ we know that even the best flavors change taste with a few delays and changing conditions. It is a part of the courses we teach and implement. Exposure to the wrong environment, conditions and delay in storage are solid indicators that even when the icing looks great, a lot is lost.  Classic Catering School Uganda has all in place to help you meet and exceed the tastes of your guests.

Why not give Classic Catering School Uganda a call for the best this season, with special discounts every second half of the year. [sv slug=”essimu”] for ‘Fresh Wedding Cakes with a Variety of Flavors – Uganda

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