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Kwanjula is the Baganda traditional way of introducing your partner and his family to your family. it’s also known as introduction ceremony.  As we all know, cakes have the biggest business in Uganda and the ultimate at ceremonials. This is not only for the cake makers but also the consumers. Some people don’t even mind of the ceremony, it could be a birth day, graduations and many other occasions. Cakes have to be trendy and fashionable all else back biter will start their job of whispering about the poor quality of the cake.
Classic catering institute gives an opportunity to its clients to see and give ideas of how the cake will look. Most of the people have dream cake looks, but for those without these, we have the capability to design/ decorate the best kwanjula cake, wedding cake. You will only have to give us info about how many guests you are expecting for your kwanjula?,  how long you might want the cake to last?, when shall the kwanjula/wedding be held? How many people will you want to pack for?.

Most of the brides tend to need their cakes in a hodge-podge shape. This style is more seen with Kwanjula( that’s for Baganda), Kuhingira ( for Banyankole,Batooro). The Kwanjula cake is mainly considered  as the most vital part of marriage ritual since two families are formally making  an agreement for both the bride and the groom. Therefore, both families will want the kwanjula cake to symbolize their culture.

We have been asked by our clients to make cakes in different shapes of local traditional like pots, banana leaves, saucepans on 3 stones showing that the bride is ready to take on her responsibilities at home, and many other shapes. Being that much attention is put on the kwanjula cake for its central position at the occasion, the Kwanjula cake has to be molded perfectly well.

Even if the price of the cake ingredients go up, classic catering school keeps within the range of the prices that our clients are used with. Not forgetting, when we bake and decorate a cake, we do this all heartedly knowing that our next jobs will depend on the satisfaction of our clients.

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