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Cooking Courses in Uganda

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Cooking Courses in Uganda

Cooking Courses in Uganda that We offer;

At Classic Catering Uganda we have courses that favor whoever is willing to join our cooking courses in Uganda and the whole world at large. This is because we have both short and long courses which vary in durations starting from 1 month, 2 months, 3 months and beyond and all these come in very affordable price packages. Our students get cooking lessons in Kampala from prominent professional personnel who are experienced chefs.

  • Cake Baking & Deco
  • Cooking
  • Pastry
  • Advanced Cake Deco
  • Cake baking nd Pastry

Join us at Classic Catering Uganda for fun-filled cooking courses in Uganda. We will teach you how to make traditional and international dishes. We have great cooking lessons in Kampala and we will be teach you how we use local ingredients to make some truly mouth-watering dishes. You will learn how to use a traditional and foreign items when cooking and also our professional chefs are willing to enhance you with the best cooking skills ever. We also welcome the vegetarians to these cooking lessons in Kampala . You will kindly let us know in advance if you have any nutritive restrictions because after cooking, we will sit down and enjoy our lovely delicious meal that we would have made.

Some of the highlights include:

1. Learning how to make both local and international Food
2. Enjoy the traditional setting of a 5 star hotel environment.
3.Explore the various cultures and the types of food from our cooking lessons in Kampala.
4.Interact with professional and prominent chefs in the country.
5. Enjoy the best cooking lessons in Kampala.

You won’t regret enrolling for our cooking courses in Uganda because we are the best.
We also teach our students how to use local and foreign ingredients to make some truly mouth-watering dishes in our cooking lessons in Kampala.

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